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Kafko's industry-proven steel wall pools continue to set the standard. Each panel is constructed using the highest quality 14 gauge steel with G235 (Z720) galvanized coating.

Steel Wall Pools

Available in more than

 200 shapes and sizes,

 these innovative panels include:


* Self-piercing, auto-locking, double zinc plated and carbon steel rivets


* Rivet-lock™ and Press-lock™ systems, representing the very latest in fabrication methods


* Rivet-lock™ and Press-lock™ systems that securely rigidize and stabilize each panel, without destroying the integrity of the galvanized coating


* Ability to completely install a swimming pool, backfill and complete the deck prior to installing the liner and filling the pool


Vinyl Liners

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Polymer Wall Pools

Although polymer pools have been available for many years, the one feature they have lacked is the ability to create new configurations. That's what sets Kafko apart.


Our multi-flex panel features patented live hinges, which enable you to choose from one of Kafko's many shapes-or you can create your own! This truly outstanding, award-winning design offers customers:

panels that are strong and stable

non-biodegradable polymer foams that greatly increase the longevity of the pool

cellular structure that acts as a thermal screen, holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils

available in the industry standard height of 42", giving 3' water depth in the shallow end of the pool

48" high panels, allowing for 6" more water depth on the shallow end of the pool (3'6" water depth)

extra depth ideal for flat bottom pool designs, increasing the comfort level of adults using the shallow end of the hopper design pools


Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more.

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