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The Eternity is an exceptional swimming pool in every respect. Its galvanized steel structure ensures maximum resistance and incomparable durability. It’s strong enough to support the weight of a car, and is designed to withstand the harshest northern climate. Nothing - not wind, rain, sleet, or snow, neither winter freeze nor spring thaw - is a match for the Eternity Pool.


The Eternity is also ideal for all ground conditions, including sand, gravel or clay. It’s quick and easy to assemble and can be outfitted in a variety of ways. Strong and stylish, the Eternity has everything you need in a pool, offering you and your family years of summertime fun.


The Eternity offers a multitude of installation options for a

custom-designed pool that blends beautifully with your backyard landscape:


• Installation above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground.

• Available in round or oval models.

• Choice of three different print liners.

• Various sizes.

• Wide variety of optional finishes, including aluminium, vinyl, wood, patio, etc..


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